Schloss Hohenkammer is a seminar centre and hotel with its very own organic farming estate. It is located to the north of Munich and provides the perfect venue for any event and any stay. The castle fuses the past with the present to create an atmosphere that helps to engender innovation, at the same time as helping you to unwind and clear your head.

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Issue Spring/Summer 2018

A secret is no longer a secret if you share it publicly. And our new magazine is dedicated to an enormous secret: We are tell­ing you how we manage to make our guests so com­fort­able with us. How­ever, we are not lightly shar­ing this secret with the public. Only with our best friends. Which includes you. So, the secret will still be ours. And no worries if not. Because it wouldn’t be easy to copy us any­way. Curious? Check out our new magazine and get in the loop!

Your culinary well-being makes up half your stay. We will give you a tour through Schloss Hohenkammer's kitchens and pots.

What food does to us:
The Romans did it, Emperor Wilhelm II did it and we are doing it even more. Savouring.

We would be happy to send you a com­ple­men­tary issue of “Maga­zin Schloss Hohen­kammer”. Please send us an E-mail.

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